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About CVIC: Inaugurated in Nov 2021, the Chagrin Valley Islamic Center (CVIC) is a growing Islamic Center based in Solon, Ohio. Solon is located 25 miles southwest of Cleveland and is a highly rated suburb with a nationally ranked school district.

CVIC serves as the masjid, weekend school and community center of Muslims of southeastern Cuyahoga County along with portions of Summit, Geauga & Portage counties in northeast Ohio.

CVIC is unique in its multi-ethnic and multi-national membership, as well as its practice of inclusivity and gender equity.

Imam Position:

CVIC is currently inviting applications for a full-time position for the Imam. The responsibilities and qualifications of the Imam are below. A more detailed job description will be available for review at the time of the interview. After reviewing the job responsibilities and qualifications, if you would like to apply for the position, please e-mail a cover letter, your resumé and two references to OR click here
to submit your resume.

Imam Responsibilities (with reasonable accomodations and time off):

1. Lead at least 2-3 daily prayers, most Juma'a and Eid prayers.
2. Conduct khatera, halaqa, and special occasion programs for youth, sisters, reverts, and family.
3. Advise and assist Weekend School and other learning programs.
4. Officiate in marriage, funeral and similar services.
5. Provide counseling services as needed.
6. Participate in and help to organize fundraising events.
7. Occasional visitations for the sick or homebound..
8. Grasp of current socio-political events, and ability to address such issues in light of Islamic. doctrine.
9. Online presence and committed hours for community members who seek counsel and guidance.
10 Advance positive relations with the Greater Cleveland area Ummah, and non-muslims.
11. Attend Executive Council or similar meetings.
12. Assist in Interfaith events.

Required Qualifications:

1. Raised in the US and/ or Graduated from a US based High School.
2. Bachelor's/higher DEGREE in Islamic Studies from a recognized Islamic Institution.
3. Comprehensive KNOWLEDGE of Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, Seerah, Tafseer-ul-Quran, Figh, Shariah.
4. MEMORIZED major part of the Quran, or Hafiz-ul-Quran.
5. Mastered rules of TAJWEED, to ensure correct recitation of Quran.
7. Experience with INTRODUCTION ISLAM to people of other faiths.
8. Experience with giving clear, effective, and motivational JUMA'A KHUTBAH.
9. Understanding the challenges faced my Muslims in North America and guiding ALL AGES.
10. Possession of HIGH MORALS, and INTEGRITY, practicing principles of ISLAMIC CHARACTER.
11. CLEAN Criminal Record and submit to a thorough background check.
12. Sound knowledge of ONE Madhab and open to and having AWARENESS OF OTHER MADAAHEB.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Effective COMMUNICATION SKILLS in Arabic.
2. Good Skills and interest in engaging with YOUTH in non religious activities (eg sports).
3. Previous experience as an IMAM.
5. Ability to effectively represent CVIC in PUBLIC FORA, INTERFAITH DIALOGUE, MEDIA.
6. Experience in conducting WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS.
7. Experience in youth, family, matrimonial and divorce COUNSELING.

Work Eligibility:

US citizen, permanent resident or possessing a valid work visa.

Salary And Benefits:

The compensation package is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. This includes Base Salary, Parsonage with Health transport and housing benefits, education funding and relocation expenses.

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